Writing the Most Impressive Law School Essay

When you write your Law School Essay, Blow Your Trumpet, but not too loudly

The purpose of the law school essay is to convince the admission committee you are a suitable candidate to join the law school in context. Therefore it is in your capacity to make them decide that you are worthy of being a part of their institution. Your admission essay of one or two pages has a great influencing power on this decision. This is your chance to highlight your strengths and identify your character traits that will make an excellent lawyer at the end of your academic studies. You can also state what specialization of law appeals to you most and why this is so. There can be very inspiring reasons for your choice and such inspiration can touch the hearts and minds of the selectors. While it is true that you will have to literally “blow your trumpet” in writing admission essays, make sure not to do it too loud. You should not appear to be conceited and self focused. Gentle persuasion is needed to make them decide in favor of your admission. Make use of few persuasion essay examples to grasp the appropriate persuasive writing styles if you are unsure of how to do this best.

Imagine that You are Facing the Interview

Nowadays students are not called for admission interviews. But you can use the admission essay to make a good personal representation of you by imagining you are facing an admission interview. Imagine the possible questions which may arise in the minds of the panel and answer the questions in your essay. List out you characteristics, goals, achievements etc. that must be highlighted. Use these answers to portray yourself as a suitable candidate. Ensure to write relevant and appropriate things only. Romance, politics and controversial topics are inappropriate to be brought in to the framework of an admission essay.

How to Write the Law School Essay

Now we know why, and what to write. Let us see how to write. Law school essay is a personal essay, about you. So use first person singular – I. Read many admission essays and you’ll see most are very similar. Members of admission committees will get bored reading these essays. Be creative and write the essay differently. Show about your keenness to be a lawyer, why you want to be a lawyer, and you have the ability and character to pursue a career in law. Bear in mind that being creative does not mean that you can deviate from the general rules of essay layout and essay formatting.

Few Topic Suggestions

A choice of Law school essay topics are generally provided in the application pack. Few examples of such topics which you may encounter includes:

  • Why is law important to you as a subject and a career choice?
    • Describe your views on legitamacy vs. ethicality
    • Explain why you chose this law school and the study program.
    • What changes do you intend to make to the legal system of the country if you had a role in designing the legislature?
    • What are your life goals and career goals ?

Law School Essay Help

As the admission to the law school of your choice is very important to you, it shall be taken seriously. It is obvious that you should consult people who are knowledgeable on the admission process and the law schools. You may know lawyers who graduated form the school you intend to join, teachers who know the procedures, or law students who joined the school recently. You can also learn by referring to admission essay samplesas well. If writing is not your main forte, that should not be a reason why you can not be a high profile lawyer one day. There are professional writing services that can help you write an excellent law school essay.

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