Writing First Class University Essays

University essays are different from High School Essays, In Many Aspects

University essays are different from high school essays not only in format. High school essays are used for training students to write more advanced academic papers like college and university level essays, research papers, theses, and dissertations. Furthermore, they can use the knowledge gained through writing within their future careers. Once in university, students need to develop their writing skills to meet the high caliber expectations of higher level academic studies. The experience gained in the high school have to be used as stepping stone for writing university essays.

Look Beyond Five Paragraph Essay Format

In the high school students are taught to write their essays on the five paragraph essay format. They are so much used to it and find it difficult to get out of this framework. For essays written in university, students should not imprison themselves in the five paragraph format. University students have to think about the best format and the structure for their essays, on a case by case basis. A five paragraph essay format can be modified in to accommodate extra body paragraphs. But remember that the format and structure are not the main differences between high school essays and university essays.

High Caliber Essays for University Essay Assignments

University essays are expected to be of very high standard. Normally most of the essays written in the high school are mainly descriptive though higher level essay types like argumentative essays and analytical essays are introduced as well. University students are required to think analytically and can argue on a debatable topic or be critical on a point. Another difference is that the university essay should essentially have a main topic for the essay written as a thesis statement. A thesis statement for a university essay has to be very specific and should take a stand on the topic.

Strong Thesis Statements for University Essays

A thesis statement that matches university level essay writing has to generate an interest in the readers. These are often the members of the academic community and are erudite scholars. Their expectations will be high and your writing will need to cater to these expectations. The selection of topics should consider the essay length as well as the form of writing expected. Referring to the assignment guide and the assessment guide is an imperative to score a high grade. It has to be specific so that the essay is on the point without deviating from the main topic. The thesis should not be obvious and be debatable. Students in the university are expected to be free thinkers and can choose interesting controversial essay topics for their essays.

Getting Help for writing University Essays

When writing university essays students may need help in matters related to essay writing a thesis statement, researching the sources, writing, editing and proofreading. They can always enlist help from a good essay writing company that can provide essay assistance for any of the above services or provide with a custom essay that is written as per the requirements of the assignment. The custom essays bought from a good essay writing company are plagiarism free and get high grades.

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