Writing an outstanding “A Beautiful Mind” Essay

Writing A Beautiful Mind Essay is an Interesting Experience

Before starting to write A Beautiful Mind Essay, students shall consider watching this great film. A Beautiful Mind is an award winning film on mathematical genius John Nash who won the 1994 Nobel Prize for Economics. Film was released in 2001 and won four Oscars including the award for the best film. Acclaimed as one of the best films of all-time the film shows about the mental disorder paranoiac schizophrenia which he fought against bravely and the courageous and understanding support given by his wife for overcoming the illness.

A Beautiful Mind is based on a True Story

When writing A Beautiful Mind Essay or an essay on any book or film, students must introduce the book or the film at the start. In this case, it is based on the true life story of a great mathematician. Despite the emotional and deeply complex plot, the film has many features to attract attention of average filmgoers and hence became a commercial success as well. The director Ron Howard has opted to follow the drama genre to make a narrative movie, but has used techniques normally used in flashbacks to show the hallucinations experienced by Nash. Lead roles are played by Russell Crowe, and Jennifer Connelly.

Story of the Film

Story of the film is the story of John Nash, but the film shows the sad aspects of the mental disorder, bravery of Nash in fighting the illness and the love and the understanding of his wife Alicia that helps him to overcome the affliction and win the Nobel Prize. This story highlights the key role which the family and loved ones must play in throwing a life line at those who are suffering this sort of disorders and illnesses. John Nash was promised of a single room at the start of his graduate studies at Princeton. There he finds Charles Herman greeting him in his room as roommate and becomes his best friend. Nash meets Alicia and gets married to her. He finishes the graduate school then starts lecturing at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Meantime he is approached by Pentagon to get his support to break codes of the Russians. He works for the Pentagon as an encryption expert and an agent and becomes a target of the Russian spies.

All the episodes about Nash’s work for Pentagon, and Russian spies are hallucinations in the mind of Nash. Even his long time friend Charles is his own imagination, but because of his illness Nash mistakes these hallucinations as reality. His courage in accepting these as hallucinations of his own mind and the loving care of his wife that makes it possible for Nash to overcome his illness is the story of the film. The film provides many interesting essay topics for the students. Students writing A Beautiful Mind Essay shall consider how the director Ron Howard has used his skills marvelously to make a great film out of this true story.

Role of Essay Help in writing a Good Essay on A Beautiful Mind

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