Writing an Insightful “The Outsiders” Essay

Being familiar with the Book is Critical for a Successful “The Outsiders” Essay

The Outsiders is a novel on growing up problems faced by two rival gangs of teenage boys written by S.E.Hinton. Hinton started writing the book when she was fifteen years old. The story based on the rivalry of two gangs in her school was her first novel which became very popular selling more than 15 million copies, and adapted to a film. The book examines the social problems faced by both rich and poor, urban, young adults half a century ago. The book is still popular among young readers and a popular topic for high school literature assignments. The themes of the novel, the characters and the use of symbols, motifs and the colors must be discussed in The Outsiders Essay. Students can explore different types of writing styles in attending to this interesting literature assignment.

Narrowed Down Topics for the Outsiders Essay

When writing an essay on a literary work like a novel student shall read it and absorb what the author wants to convey to the reader. The essay must examine and uncover the themes, special traits of the characters, symbols and motifs used by the author and competence of the author in using the literary techniques.

For the essay on The Outsiders it is important to select a narrow topic from the story or the author’s presentation as the subject. The writer has a wide choice in the type of the essays written. It is possible to write a comparison essay comparing the book with another novel written by the same author or some other author depicting growing up problems of teenagers. It can be a cause and effect essay on the influence of class differences on young adults’ behavior patterns. Argumentative essays too can be written on selected aspects of the story and the message of social issues depicted by the novel. Here are some thesis ideas for The Outsiders Essay.

  • There are three major themes explored in the novel. Ponyboy the main character grows up feeling an outsider in his own town and at home too. This feeling is not strange for many other characters also. Feeling of being an outsider is the main theme of the novel.
  • Family relationship in Pony boy’s family and the unity among the three brothers without their parents is another theme.
  • Influence of class differences on the young boys is another theme.
  • Different attitudes between Socs and the Greasers can be compared in a comparison and contrast essay.

Characters in the Novel

Following are the main characters of The Outsiders novel and students can make use these to come up with interesting essay topics.
• Ponyboy Michael Curtis is the main character and he is the narrator of the story. He is 14-years old, living with his two brothers, and his parents have been killed in a motor accident.
• Soda (pop) Patrick Curtis is Pony boy’s 16 year old handsome brother. He is a high school drop out.
• 20 year old Darry Shayne Curtis is the eldest of the Curtis boys
• Dally Winston is a greaser, who came from New York City. He is a tough boy and at seventeen has been in prison already.
• Bob Sheldon is a Soc and is killed by Jonny a greaser.
• Randy Adderson also a Soc and owns a blue mustang

Get Essay Help when Needed

Writing such as The Outsiders essay needs skills in reading and understanding the novel content and then interpreting and expressing own views. If the students cannot write the essay on their own, it is best they get help to develop the necessary skills and pass their exams. Sample essays and custom essays written by professional writers help students immensely.

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