Writing an Informative Smoking Essay is Easy

Smoking Essay Educates Students about the Serious Health Hazards of Smoking

Smoking essay assignment is very useful for the students to educate themselves of serious health effects like cancer, strokes, heart attacks, hypertension and peripheral vascular disease. In their research for writing the essay they will find the vast amount of facts, evidences, statistics and research findings on these serious effects. They will come to know the amount of effort by the vested commercial interests to downplay the seriousness of these problems. Today, it is universally accepted that tobacco smoking is very bad for human health and causes many serious illnesses leading to death.

Topics for the Smoking Essay

Sometime back there were many debates on the effects of smoking. But as a result of numerous surveys and medical research the serious health hazards of tobacco smoking have been proven. Students cannot writeargumentative essays on health hazards because there aren’t many arguing to prove smoking is not bad for health and it is not possible to find evidences to show smoking has beneficial effects. But it is possible to find many argumentative topics about legal action on smoking, passive smoking and advertising cigarettes etc. There are many possibilities on writing persuasion essays to persuade people to give up smoking and oppose smoking in public places.

How to write Argumentative Smoking Essays

Finding a suitable topic for an argumentative smoking essay is the first step in writing an argumentative essay. A good thesis has to be formulated on the topic. Crafting a strong thesis statement is a challenging task. Following are some good thesis statements for argumentative smoking essay.

  • Smoking in public places should be banned totally to protect the non smokers from health hazards due to passive smoking.
  • Advertising of tobacco smoking in public media should be banned as these advertisements target young people and induce them to start smoking.
  • Narcotics have been made illegal due to their bad effects on health. Tobacco also should be banned considering its bad effects on health.

Persuasive Essays on Smoking

Tobacco smoking has been identified as the highest single cause of preventable death. Besides, the diseases caused by smoking bring great misery to countless smokers. Therefore writing essays persuading people to stop smoking, not to start smoking, not to smoke in public places and not to sell cigarettes to children etc is a service to the society. Persuasive thesis statement for smoking essay has to contain strong appeal and a valid reason for making that appeal. “When you smoke, people near you are forced to inhale the smoke. Do not smoke in the presence of others as they have a right not to smoke” is a good example.

Exploit Essay Help to produce an Excellent Essay

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