Writing an Impressive Texas Common Application Essay

Texas Common Application Essay Has to be Original for Each University

Texas Common Application Essay is mandatory for students applying to public universities in State of Texas. As per Senate Bill 150 passed by Texas state legislature in 1997, Texas Common Application for Admission to Texas Public Universities was created allowing students to use one application to apply for multiple universities. Common application is in use from 2000-2001 academic year. This has helped students in many ways and has introduced uniformity for the selection process. Students are required to write one or two essays for the common application.

Method of Application

Applicants have three options for submitting the admission essay and application. They can get a printed application form and send by post after completing. Applications are available from all the high schools and the participating universities. Second option is to download an application form from the website of any participating university, complete it and send it by post. The preferred and best method is to fill in the application on-line that makes things easy and fast. Texas Common Application Essay also must be pasted in the essay box in the online application.

Application Essay Topics

Depending on the university, college, school and the Major applied for, essay requirements vary. When students visit the website they will be given the admission essay topic according to the degrees and majors they apply for. Sometimes essay is not required. Sometimes students are to submit two essays. Some students are given optional essays. The instructions for the essays also vary. But remember to follow the instructions to the letter. Normally lengths for the essays are given as character count including the spaces rather than word limits.

Sending the Essay

Essays can be sent by post or by email to the e-mail address given for that purpose only. Students can also submit the Texas common application essay online, pasted on the online application. It is not necessary to send the essays at the time of applying but applications are processed by the admission offices only after all the required materials are received by them. Many universities ask the applicants to send the essays as a part of the body within the email and not as attachments, when sending by e-mail. They may be given special instructions like heading for the e-mail to identify the essay with the applicant. It is vital that these instructions are strictly followed.

Tips for Writing the Essay

When applying for more than one major or more than one college students may have to send more than one essay. Never recycle essays. Start each essay fresh. Students must be honest in writing personal essays though they have to accentuate the positive aspects of their character talent and achievements. Don’t wait till the last moment to write the Texas common application essay. Refer to few well written admissions essay examples to get some ideas. To ensure a high caliber essay, do not forget the importance of editing the essay and getting it proofread by someone capable. Write an original essay that complies fully with the instructions which can increase your chances of being accepted greatly. Getting help from a good essay writing service is not a bad idea after all.

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