Writing an Impressive Rosa Parks Essay

Rosa Parks Essay Must Contain Only True Facts

Writing a Rosa Parks Essay can be a tribute to her. Students writing the essay should keep in mind that she was awarded both the Presidential Medal of Freedom and Congressional Gold Medal, the highest honors given by the United States of America. In addition to these, there are many other awards and honors conferred on her by various and organizations for her work on civil rights of colored people in US. US Congress called her “the first lady of civil rights”, and “the mother of the freedom movement”. When writing an essay on a person of such great eminence students need to research deeply and use only the true, credible and accurate facts and information.

Thesis Statement for the Essay

The Rosa Parks Essay can be written focusing on any one of many facets of her life. One can write on her early life, the period before she came into prominence in the Montgomery Bus Boycott which was her first civil rights activity. The essay can be written as an opinion essay, a discussion essay, an informative essay etc. Here are some sample topics on which thesis statements may be developed.

  • Influence of segregated bus transport and school bus ban on early childhood outlook of Rosa Parks.
    • Impact of Jim Crow laws on Montgomery Bus Boycott and Rosa Parks.
    • Rosa Parks’ place among Civil Rights leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. and E. D. Nixon
    • Rosa Parks, as a civil rights icon
    • Rosa Parks and the US Civil Rights Movement
    • Autobiography of Rosa Parks: My Story.
    • Awards, Honors and Tributes to Rosa Parks

Try to narrow down the topic you choose to a very specific area if you want to write an excellent essay rather than writing a list of events with diluted information. A focused essay is always an interesting and in-depth piece of reading that has the potential to delight the reader.

Accepted Norms in Writing an Essay

There are accepted norms in writing an essay. These norms have evolved because they serve some purpose. Main purpose of an essay is to communicate some idea to the reader. The essay format and structure of the essay is important to convey the intended idea to the reader clearly. Coherence and relatedness to the essay thesis should be maintained through out the writing. This can be supported by the correct order of the essay sections and the proper arrangement of content. Following is the accepted structure for a five paragraph essay.

  • Introduction
    • Main Body
    • Point one
    • Point two
    • Point three
    • Conclusion

Prove Your Thesis by Facts Uncovered in Your Research

Once you have developed an essay thesis on the selected topic connected to Rosa Parks, move on to the next stage which is to find information to write and support your essay with. The research must be focused on finding facts and information, published and hidden, to prove the thesis. Such information should be drawn from a wide variety of sourced such as from books, her autobiography, leaflets used in the protest campaigns, records of meetings of the various organizations where she was a member of and various other documentations related to the Civil Rights movement.

Leaders like Rosa Parks were Instrumental in Strengthening Democracy

Today USA has voted for the first non-white president, which is a victory for American ideal of Democracy. Leaders of civil rights like Rosa Parks were instrumental in strengthening the democracy and equality to the American society. This may be a good way for starting an essay on the topic where you can highlight and expand upon these contributions as you move on to the essay body. Incorporate these ideas and writing tips to your Rosa Parks Essay and observe the difference it may yeild in the grades you recieve.

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