Writing a Well Thought through Nickel and Dimed Essay

Write the Nickel and Dimed Essay with Excellent Grasp of the Story

Writing a Nickel and Dimed Essay brings the opportunity to the students to learn about the hard life and the bad taste of stratification faced by the poor working class people of the “third world” existing in the United States of America. “Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America” is written by Barbara Ehrenreich a PhD in cellular biology turned to journalism and political activism. She wrote the book as an undercover journalist setting out to investigate the impacts of welfare reforms of 2006.

Short Summary of the Book

Nickel and Dimed has a good story that flows like an immensely readable novel, but the saddest thing is that it is a true story and the book is classified as non-fiction. It offers many perspectives for the Nickel and Dimed Essay. Ehrenreich starts her journey of investigation from Florida and moves through Maine to Minnesota taking different low wage jobs like waitress, maid and supermarket worker at Wal-Mart. Her main purpose is to live with the low minimum wage and see how people who earn minimum wages cope up with their lives. Book is written with vivid details of poor working conditions, stratification, difficulty in finding housing and degrading treatment meted out to the workers.

Many Different Perspectives for the Nickel and Dimed Essay

There are many angles from which the Nickel and Dimed Essay can be written. Being a Political activist, Ehrenreich has her own perspective on the theme she has selected to investigate. Her non-fiction book can be considered as a thesis in a way, but escapes the rigors required from an academic writing like a thesis. Students shall see that the theme investigated is an argumentative topic and the book has given rise to a few responses. Students can read “Scratch Beginnings: Me, $25, and the Search for the American Dream” written by Adam Shepard in response to the book Nickel and Dimed. Many controversial essay topics can be selected from Nickel and Dimed.

Topics for Nickel and Dimed Essay

Students can write argumentative essays on the many points raised in the book. Critical essays on the book also are another angle. A comparison essay can be written comparing the book with a similar book like Down and Out in Paris and London, by George Orwell, Ganz Unten (The Lowest of the Low) by German reporter Günter Wallraff and Black Like Me, by John Howard. In Nickel and Dimed Ehrenreich strives to oppose the traditional view that poor working people are too lazy to work and less ambitious. Students can argue whether this is complete truth or half the truth.

How can the Students Earn Better Grades for their Nickel and Dimed Essay

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