Writing a Compelling Poverty Essay

Write your Poverty Essay with a Call For Action

Writing a poverty essay can be done in the form of a persuasive essay, calling the reader to act against poverty. Poverty can be explained as the inability to afford the human needs. Relative poverty is the often discussed topic when poverty is being discussed. Inability to afford the basic human needs like food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, sanitation and education is considered as the absolute poverty. About 1.7 billion people out of the total human population of 6.9 billion live in absolute poverty. This means one in every four humans is unable to afford food, clothes, shelter and health care needed when sick.

Poverty is a too broad Topic for an Essay

Poverty is a social problem that affects more than one quarter of the human population. It has been studied by sociologists, philosophers, economists and politicians. There are numerous theses, dissertations and research papers written after extensive research on various topics within the ambit of poverty and allied topics. This helps students when they need information on poverty for writing their essays. But it is difficult to generate an interest on a common topic. Therefore, students should be careful to find interesting essay topics that are narrow and can attract the interest of readers.

Interesting Essay Topics for writing an Essay on Poverty

Poverty is a vast subject that is studied under many disciplines. Following are some interesting essay topics students can consider when they write their poverty essay.

  • Is poverty the cause of economic ills of poor countries or vice versa?
    • Social welfare should be limited to minimum necessary levels because too much welfare hampers economic development.
    • Poverty cannot be eliminated by providing the needs of poor people.
    • Unequal distribution of wealth is the main reason for the poverty in many countries.
    • Can globalization alleviate poverty or will it aggravate poverty?

Use of accurate Information in writing Essays

The information and facts used in essays have to be accurate. When the students write essays they collect facts and information from various sources. The information in some sources is not accurate. Use of inaccurate data and information in the essays lowers the credibility of the essay. Many of the essays on poverty are persuasion essays or argumentative essays. For this type of essays accuracy of data are very important because if the reader loses confidence on the writer due to misquoted information, then the essay cannot convince the reader to accept the main idea being presented in the essay.

Essay Help to get Best Grades

All students hope to get best possible grades for their essays. If the student writes a good essay he can make it better by getting little essay help. For writing a good poverty essay it is possible to get help from a good essay writing company. Essay writing companies can help the students by providing custom essays, sample essays, essay topics, thesis statements, editing and proof reading services. By ordering custom essays students can get plagiarism free, original essays that meet the requirements of the assignments. Students can give their ideas for writing the essay so that the essay writer can write the essay as per the student’s instructions.

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