Writing A Christmas Carol Essay

Infuse the Warmth and Values Cited in the Book in to Christmas Carol Essays

The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens was first released in 1843. The book is an interesting one and to this day many a household reads this story on Christmas Eve as part of their Christmas tradition. The values and lessons taught in the book are important today as it was then. The story is based on a stingy man by the name of Ebenezer Scrooge who learns that the Spirit of Christmas and caring and kindness for others can change his life for the better. The ghost of his late business partner appears to Ebenezer Scrooge one night and he is asked to make himself a better man. By the end of the story Ebenezer Scrooge changes his life for the better. There are many elements which can be considered when writing a Christmas Carol essay. Let us take a closer look at how we can write a good essay based on this novel.

Topics for the Essay

A Christmas Carol essay can discuss many aspects of the novel. To obtain a good understanding of the plot and the many themes in the essay students will have to ensure that they read the novel thoroughly. Only with proper understanding of the novel will you be able to produce quality writing for this essay. Topics for the essay can discuss the moral of the novel, the many characters, the themes, the overall concept of the story and your opinion on it. The topic you choose should depend upon the type of essay you have been assigned as well. This essay can also discuss how the author portrays the poor and the rich. If you are looking for a way to write the essay as a controversial essay, you can compare Ebenezer Scrooge to someone prominent in the present society. Whichever, way you write the essay, ensure that topics are interesting and backed with appropriate

Research for the Essay

Research is an important element to a successful essay. Therefore, a Christmas Carol essays too need to be researched thoroughly. There is basically only one source of research for the essay and that is the novel. Therefore, any information you may gather for the essay should come mainly from the novel. However, if you are writing an opinion essay on the novel you will need to back your opinion with those of others. In this instance you will need to cite your sources in the correct format.

Format for the Essay

There are two common essay formats which are used to write essays. These are the APA and MLA formats. Your essay will have to be written according to one of these formats. Verification of the formats to be used should be obtained from the professors before the writing of the essay to avoid any discrepancies. When citing your sources ensure that the citation format adheres with the format the essay is written. If not, you will be submitting an essay which is written incorrectly.

Writing a Christmas Carol essays will be made easier if you obtained the help of a good writing service. These companies will ensure that your essay whether written as a classification essay, narration essay or an argumentative essay is written in the most interesting manner possible.

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