Verify the Essay Writing Formats before you Begin Your Essay

An Essay Writing Format Aims for Uniformity in Academic Writing

How you write and present your essay is a reflection of your talents as an essay writer. However, the format of the essay will also ensure that the essay is structured properly, thereby making it easier and more attractive to the reader. It also provides a certain level of uniformity in academic writing. Different types of essays require different types of formatting. Let us educate you on some of these essay writing formats.

Types of Essay Formats

There are four common essay formats which are used by many academic organizations. Most academic organizations however, will specify which format a student should use to write their essays. Therefore, it is important that you have a basic understanding of all these formats which make writing the essay easier. How you format your essay regardless of whether it is a controversial essay or an informative essay, will reflect on your familiarity with the formats.

  • APA Format – The APA or American Psychological Association, is the most commonly used when writing research papers. However, it is sometimes utilized to write essays as well. This essay writing formatis inclusive of four parts which are the title page, abstract, body and references. Standard A4 paper is used to write on and the font is Times Roman and size is 11. This format is used when writing essays which are science based and on analysis essays. The title page and rest of the body pages carry a shortened form of the main title termed as running header. This is placed at the top left margin of the page header.
  • MLA Format – The MLA or Modern Language Association includes the same type and style of font as the APA as well as paper size. The information entered in the bibliography is the same as the APA and Harvard formats as well. Pages should be double spaced and parenthetical citations are used in the text while the reference list is termed as “works cited” page. All lines after first line of a reference entry are tabulated in to a hanging indent.
  • Harvard Format – Known also as the “author-date” style, the name of the author, page number and date of publication is used for in-text citations. If the author’s name is not available you will be able to use the title of the work. This essay writing formatis mainly used in business school writing.
  • Chicago Format – Also known as Turabian, the text is double spaced, notes, references and captions are single spaced with a blank space between items. Pages are numbered on the bottom centre of the page ¾ from the edge. The text style is Times Roman and size 12 is used for content and 10 are used for notes. The style is more appropriate for writing for art and aesthetics department.

There is more information which you need to be familiar with about each of these essay writing formats. It is recommended that you go through books and online information to gain knowledge of the formatting requirements.

Writing Essays

Formats are essential for essays. It does not matter what type of essay you write, the format is what provides order and structure to the essay. Many academic institutions have special formatting requirements. These formatting requirements have to be adhered to strictly. Failure to do so will bring about penalty marks to your essay paper. Therefore, it is vital that you verify the formatting requirements before beginning the writing process. If not you will later find yourself submitting an essay formatted incorrectly. Therefore, before you write your classification essay or narrative essay, find out which format is being recommended by your tutor or the examiner.

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