Tips to Write an Impressive Classification Essay

Classification Essays Should Categorize the Items Effectively

When asked to write a classification essay the students will have to sort the subject matter into categories at the very outset. The chief objective of this essay type is to have a detail analysis and an investigation through braking things down. By classifying the subject matter into distinguishable clusters the essay contents would be much clearer and would provide a detailed picture to the readers. This essay carries similarities to an analytical essay since it paves way for detailed investigation.

Bases of Categorization

Choosing items to be classified basically is deciding on the essay topic. The same variables or items can be classified under different groupings. For instance, a student body of a school can be categorized under a number of different bases of classifications as follows:
1. Male / Female
2. Kinder Aden students / primary students / secondary student
3. Age groups
4. Below average performers / Average performers / High performers

Structure of the Essay

When you are assigned to write this essay, you should introduce the items that you have selected to classify and what dimensions or bases of categorizing you have decided upon. The body of the essay is arranged according to the bases where you can classify and cluster the chosen variable. It’s important to explain the bases with examples so that the essay will be lively and interesting to the readers. For example you can classify various vehicles in to Sedan cars, Sports utility vehicles, sports cars and vans. You can also classify them as diesel or petrol vehicles. Otherwise you may choose to classify them based on the horsepower of the engines.

Few Topics Ideas

There are many interesting essay topics on classification. If the professors have stipulated a topic, then the student will have to write on it. In contrast, if the students are given the liberty to select a topic they select a topic in accordance to the subject or based on interest factor. This essay can be written on diverse disciplines ranging from biology to financial course works. Students can consider the following topics to write their classification essay.
§ Classification of cars
§ Classification of geographical locations
§ Classify the population
§ Classification of movies
§ Classify the developed and the developing countries.
§ Classification of genders
§ Classification of planets

Classification Types

When it comes to classification essay writing, students can classify a certain issue, an item, people, animals, countries a subject matter based on many variables. But it’s important to classify according to the comparable characteristics and common features they share. You can classify based on the following:

  • Functions – Students can classify a thing based on the functions. For instance you can write a classification essay on different functions departments in organisations. You can group a list of activities based on the functional relevance to financial, human resource, research and development and marketing functions.
  • Outcomes- Also you can classify based on the outcomes. These will be based on performance factors, rankings, achievements, scores etc.
  • Features- This is classifying based on the features of something. For instance you can classify different people and their complexion, eyes, hair or on demographics.

By applying these simple essay writing tips, you can write an interesting and properly organised classification essay that will definitely impressive your tutors.

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