Things not to be Written in a MBA Application Essay

MBA Application Essays need to be written concisely and To the Point

Being accepted into a good MBA program is what every student wishing for a degree in business is hoping for. With an MBA degree the chances of securing a good post which pays well increases. Many top notch companies look for applicants with MBA degrees from good programs. Therefore, being accepted into a good MBA program will be beneficial. To be accepted you will have to write an MBA application essay. Your acceptance into the program is greatly dependent upon how this essay is written. Therefore, you need to ensure that a good essay is written.

The Necessity for the Essay

Hundreds of applicants apply for entrance into a good MBA program. The essay makes it easy for the Admission Board to make an informed decision as to whether you are suitable for the program. Academic grades will be the first element looked into for MBA entrants, but this is not the only element. The essay’s main aim is to inform the Board as to what type of person you are. Most business schools wish for students who have excellent leadership qualities, communication skills, initiative etc. By reading the MBA application essay, the Board will be able to have an insight in to these areas.

How You Should Not Write the Essay

MBA essays need to be written in a manner which grabs the attention of the reader. How your ideas, thoughts, goals and experiences are conveyed depends on your ability to write the essay. If you are person who has never written an essay well, writing this essay will be a challenging task. Therefore, below are a few tips on what you should NOT do in your essay.

  • Do not over do the length. This is a key element to an essay. MBA essays should not be long and boring. As the Board reads many essays in a day if your essay is long and boring, they will not be interested in reading it. A good MBA essay is short and to the point. Therefore, pick a topic in the same manner which you would pick an English essay topicwhich allows you to be concise.
  • Familiarity. Being too familiar with the readers will give them the impression that you are being too forward. MBA application essays as with all other essays from argumentative essayto reflective essays need to be written in a formal manner.
  • Humour. Humour is a good ice breaker. However, excessive humour is not acceptable to a good MBA essay. Write the essay as you would write a persuasive essay. With subtle persuasion and very little humour.
  • Deviating from the requirements. The worst thing any applicant can do is to write an essay which does not answer the question. This is because the question was not understood properly. When you read the prompt, look for the key words in the essay questions. This is the best way to understand the questions.

MBA application essays need to be written in the proper manner for you to be accepted into the program. Therefore, adhere to the abovementioned rules to write a good essay. Your chances of being accepted are bound to improve by many folds.

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