The Truman Show Essay Can Address the Evils of Media on Society

The Truman Show Essays Allow Students to Explore Media Practices Critically

According to certain laws the media is free to do what they want to obtain information. The media does not care whether the information is based on facts or fiction. One of the examples which shows that Hollywood has had enough of the media’s injustice is to make a movie based on a character who challenges and escapes from a world that has been invented by the media. This is called the Truman Show. The Truman Show essay will have to enlighten readers further on the evils generated by the media.

Topics Which the Essay Can Address

Many topics can be addressed when writing the essay. These topics however, need to be interesting and should be researched thoroughly to write a good essay. Students can analyze the meaning of the Truman Show; discuss the movie from the director’s point of view, Truman’s point of view, the comparison – if you are writing a comparative essay – to God and how h7e dictates life for us humans which are the same way in which the director dictates life to Truman. These are some of the options which are available to you when writing the Truman Show essays.

To Write a Good Essay

This type of essay is an interesting as there are no texts which need to be deciphered. As the Truman Show is a movie many students will have an interesting time watching to gain an in depth understanding of it. This is a must as without proper understanding of the subject you will not be able to write your essay. Try and pinpoint subtle social undercurrents and underlying human emotions which are not directly highlighted but apparent in the film. What is being portrayed? What makes Truman unhappy with his way of life? Do you think he has a way out? Get your thoughts into a logical sequence and begin writing the essay. Always begin with a good essay starter to get the readers’ attention.

Research for the Essay is Important

Research for the Truman Show essay can be obtained from the movie it self and from reviews and critiques of others. Make sure to quote and cite these sources properly. If you need further information or ideas go through a few samples of the essay and obtain a greater understanding of it. Going through examples is a good idea but make sure to select the same category of essays. For instance, what you need for this is media or film essay samples and going through an admission essay example would not serve the purpose. Always remember to refer back to the movie once you have obtained your information.

Objectives of the Essay

There are many reasons why tutors assign this essay. It will not only allow students to obtain a critical view of the media but also to be aware of how media shapes society. It will also provide students with the knowledge that media is not always ethical. Some may resort to the use of methods which interest consumers regardless of ethics or professional conduct. However, the Truman Show essays should not only be providing negative elements to the media. Try and find avenues of discussion which might shed light on why the media does what it does and look at it from their perspective as well.

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