The Many Approaches of Writing the Shakespeare Essay

Shakespeare Essays Need Thorough Familiarity with Playwright’s Work

William Shakespeare is considered the world’s greatest dramatist and best writer in the English language. Many plays have been written by Shakespeare. Some of these include the world famous, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Taming of the Shrew, Julius Caesar, and Macbeth etc. Many of these plays have been made into theatre productions which provide us with a deeper understanding of his popularity. He is still being discussed after so many years past his death. Writing essays on Shakespeare are very common in high school and college. If this essay is assigned to you, there are many avenues of writing your Shakespeare essay.

Different Approaches of Writing

When you are assigned to write the essay on one of his plays, a good way to understand it is to watch it. As there are many screen adaptations and live plays of Shakespeare’s, writing will be made easy for students. However, a Shakespeare essay does not encompass the analyzing of the plays only. These essays can discuss the writer himself, the era of Shakespeare, historical events that may have influenced his writings etc. You can analyze the writer himself through his writing. Use two or more of Shakespeare’s plays to decipher what type of person he could have been. It is said that Shakespeare wrote the story of Romeo and Juliet on his own experiences. Students can discuss this element if they wish to write the essay on what type of person Shakespeare was thought to be.
Another way to write Shakespeare essays is to evaluate and understand the many lessons in life he wrote about. Shakespeare speaks often about principles, philosophies and good deeds, love and understanding and there importance. Therefore, if you are writing the essay on one of Shakespeare’s writings you need to ensure that a proper understanding of what is stated is had.
The essay can be written as a comparison essay. Shakespeare wrote many novels, plays and poems. Students can select any of these items and write a good comparison essay comparing either his writing styles or provide the similarities and differences of his stories and their characters.

Writing the Essay

Writing the essay requires students to thoroughly understand the assignment. The subject of Shakespeare is complex enough without adding lack of understanding of the assignment to it. Keep in mind you have to ensure that a proper topic is selected and a proper format followed. APA style essay is the most commonly used essay format for writing these essays. However, students should verify this with their professors before beginning the writing process.

When beginning writing students can use a famous quote by Shakespeare to catch the reader’s attention. A good quote is an excellent essay starter which is essential to the success of the essay.

Not all students are adept at writing Shakespeare essays. Many find they lack the interest, or the knowledge to write a good essay. These students will be benefited by obtaining writing assistance. There are many companies dedicated to this task and will provide students with excellent essays from any essay on Shakespeare to an essay on truth is courage or a scientific essay.

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