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Persuasive Essay Examples Can Demonstrate how to write them well

The most important purpose of writing a persuasive essay is to convince the reader or the audience and to match their perceptions and the attitudes with the essay writer’s. At the completion of the reading, the reader should agree with the writer’s views and should adopt their way of thinking. Moreover, the writer’s view in the essay must be presented with reasoning and justifications so that the readers are compelled to accept the arguments contained in the essay. The arguments presented should be factual so that the reader can accept and can be influenced without indecisiveness. A good persuasive essay example will demostarte all these features clearly to a novice trying to master persuasive writing skills.

Approach to take in handling this essay type is very much similar to how you will handle argumentative essay topics. Students should be equipped with persuasive skills, argumentative and effective writing skills to write this essay successfully. If you feel that you lack these skills refer to a persuasive essay example to guide yourself on how to write effectively in this form.

Referring to Sample Work

Students can obtain persuasive essay examples form many sources. Students can read books on persuasive essay writing from their libraries. Also you can read some examples form the internet. There are many websites which provide professional and academic essay writing services and they have posted some essay samples for quick references too. These services are provided free of charge for the students worldwide. Essay data bases are another useful source for students to select different types of essays.

Few Examples of Essay topics

Students will be provided with persuasive essay prompts. So they will have to write accordingly. Topic selection is important. If the students can make a topic selection of their own, they should select a topic which they are familiar with. This allows the writer to be confident in the writing and expressing of ideas and views. It’s important that your opinion have two sides so that you can debate well. Following topics are just a few options which you may come across when browsing for persuasion essay examples.

  • Outsourcing is beneficial to both developing and developed world.
    § Female contribution to national economy is grossly understated.
    § City life is better than country life
    § Mobile phones are a health hazard.
    § Internet carried negative impact on childhood.
    § Home made food Vs Fast food- what is best?
    § A leader become more effective with a high EQ than a high IQ (emotional vs. intelligence)

Features of a good Example

A good persuasion essay example will be properly structured and made up of the three basis parts. They are introduction, content and conclusion. The introduction part will introduce the topic in an interesting and attention gaining fashion to compel the reader to go on. The opening paragraph should explain the main idea and the writer’s point of view. In the contents part, some strongest supporting points will be presented for the persuasion. Some of the significant conflicting views will be explained and clear supporting will be presented too. In addition, verifications, quotes and examples will also be presented to focus on the view concisely. The facts will be restated in the conclusion to finally conclude with maximum persuasion. When a good example is chose, it can guide the student on how the formatting of the essay has to be done. Students should pay close attention to the formatting requirements as this is a key requirement in academic writing. Students can adopt MLA essay formatting system for this type of writing unless another format is prescribed.

By adhering to these writing guidelines, the persuasion essay you write will be impressive in its quality and highly persuasive in the message it presents.

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