Practice Your MBA Essay Well Ahead of Application Time

The MBA Essay is one of the Critical Ammunitions in Your College Enrolment Battle>

The Master in Business Administration Degree is a coveted degree qualification which corporate personnel and business personnel world wide seek to obtain. If you are hoping for a career in business management, the MBA degree can brighten your career prospects significantly. The MBA educates students on the necessary business principles, the theoretical and practical knowledge and aid the students sharpen their business acumen. Many employers prefer their applicants to be MBA degree holders and as a result they stand a better chance of being accepted into a position. The demand for a good MBA program is hence high and gaining entrance is equally competitive. This is where writing of a good MBA essay can help you win this battle.

Why Write the Essay?

Many students will be hoping to gain entrance into the same MBA program as you. The Admission Board needs to differentiate each student in order to make their decision on which student is the most suited for the program. Each student will have excellent GPA scores, would have done really well in the GMAT test, would have worked after graduate school etc. This information will not be sufficient to provide the Board with an understanding of who the applicant is. There are certain characteristics which make an applicant suitable to an MBA program. This includes leadership and communication skills, crisis management skills, initiative and more. With the writing of the MBA essay, student is expected to convey that they possess such skills.

Writing an Outstanding Essay

Essays written in high school and college, such as the classification essay or the informative essay, are different to this type of essay. This type of essay needs you to portray all your strengths in the most appropriate manner possible. If you were good at writing your college application essays, writing MBA essays will be easy for you. For those who are not good at putting words on paper;

  • Ensure that you highlight all the skills which you have which are appropriate for the program. These include ambition, honesty, independence, perseverance etc. MBA Officers require applicants to posses at least some of these skills. Ensure that your essay showcases a few of them.
  • Avoid the use of “sob” stories. Avoid writing controversial essays. This is not what the Board wants to read. They want to know why you are suitable for the program. Elaborate on this. Make yourself shine.
  • Answer the essay question set forth in the application clearly and concisely. MBA selection panel members do not have time to read long and winded excerpts of paragraphs. They need you to answer the specified question with as few words as possible but meaningfully.

Writing MBA essays is a task which should be given extensive consideration. How you write your essay will depend on whether you will be selected for the program. If the essay is written carelessly, this will reflect on you. Therefore, ensure that you spend time practising writing the essay before you actually begin writing it.

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