Plagiarism Essay Should Inform Readers on What it is and How it Can Be Avoided

Plagiarism Essays should be written With Clear Guidance to Reader on the Subject

Plagiarism is something which concerns all students. To submit ideas and concepts written and published by others as your own is not only unethical but also an academic crime punishable by being expelled from school. When students are assigned the plagiarism essay there are many ways in which they can write their essays. Writing this essay does not only inform students about what plagiarism is but also how to avoid it.

Two Types of Plagiarism

When assigned the plagiarism essay students can write about the two types of plagiarism. The first one is where students knowingly plagiarize their work and the other is when students accidentally plagiarise the work of others. Let us take a closer look at these two elements. With understanding of these elements you will be able to write a good essay.

When you are assigned to write an essay, such as a discussion essay or an analytical essay and you have no idea how to proceed, you may go through a few sample essays. Sample essays too might not inform you on how to write the essay. As a result you may decide a little copying and pasting will not harm you. Wrong! You are committing a crime. Plagiarism is stealing. Therefore, if found out there will be dire repercussions. In your essay on plagiarism you could discuss the repercussions to students if accused of plagiarising the works of others. There are software developed and in use at most academic institutions around the world where a large data base of web based material are stored and the work of the student submitted in digital format are subjected to a tally with the data base content. The resulting plagiarism check report shows what text are an exact match with what content from which web site.

Another element to writing plagiarism essays is the accidental plagiarism where students
will not know how to cite their sources in the proper manner. When essays are assigned to students they have to adhere to the format requirements. If they are not familiar with these requirements, which include in text citations, they can refer their sources in the incorrect manner. This could result in the students being accused of plagiarism. Hence, the accidental plagiarism.

Another type of accidental plagiarism which can be discussed in the essay on plagiarism is the one where students will obtain custom written essays from writing companies which provide them with plagiarised papers. This element too can be discussed in your plagiarism essays.

Avoiding Plagiarism

Students writing the essay on plagiarism should also be aware of how it should be avoided. Plagiarism can be avoided by recording each and every reference used carefully and learning the exact citation styles which are used in the academic organization. Another manner of avoiding plagiarism is by asking someone to alter your work. This too can constitute of plagiarism. If obtaining custom written essays from writing companies you should be very careful with the selection process. Selecting companies which are reputed and are known for submitting high quality essays will help students to avoid plagiarism in their essays.

Your essay on plagiarism should be written in an informative manner. After all, the task of this essay is to inform others on why plagiarism is bad and how to avoid being accused of plagiarism.

You will be able to conclude your essay on plagiarism by informing the readers the importance of writing non plagiarised essays on all topics, regardless of whether they are middle school essay topics or scholarship essay topics.

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