Participating in Scholarship Essay Contest

Winning a Scholarship Essay Contest Is a Great Opportunity

Scholarship Essay Contest is a chance open to students with writing skills to win scholarships to fund their college studies either fully or partially. Every year millions of dollars are given away free to the college and university students by Government and various organizations. The money is given as grants, scholarships and prizes. The eligibility criteria for these scholarships and other awards vary depending on the rules applying to individual scholarships. Some are based on financial needs of the students and most others are tied up with academic merits. Essay scholarships also are based mainly on the merits of the essays submitted by the contestants. Some essay scholarships have other criteria too. Value of the scholarships range from US$ 500 to US$ 20,000. The scholarship essay contests are a good opportunity for the students to meet their education expenses fully or partially.

Some Popular Scholarship Essay Contests and the Topics

The students can find the scholarship essay contests from the Internet. They can check the eligibility to participate, the topics for the essays, the closing dates and amount of the scholarship etc. Here are some of the popular essay contests for high school students to get an idea of eligibility criteria and the topics.

Annual College Scholarship Essay Contest sponsored by the Bird Dog Foundation, Inc. is open to all high school seniors residing in the states of Tennessee, Mississippi or Arkansas. Topics are normally related to wildlife conservation and related subjects. Word limit is 900 to 1000 words. Scholarship amount is $1500.

John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay Contest is a national contest, promoting political courage of the elected public servants. The essay topic is on a U.S. official who has chosen to do what is right, rather than what is expedient. Word limit is 1000 words and the scholarship award is $10,000.

National Peace Essay Contest is a national contest and the first prize amounts to $10000 and there are other prizes including state prizes. This year’s topic is “Governance, Corruption, and Conflict”. Word limit is 1500 words.

These are just three of the scholarship essay contests from a multitude available. But writing a scholarship essay to win a scholarship is not as easy as writing an A plus (A+) essay.

How to Write a Winning Essay for Scholarship Essay Contest

If you have decided to win an essay scholarship to fund your college education, you have to make a plan and follow it to the end that is winning the scholarship. Try applying this plan and make few adjustments where necessary to fit your own context.

  1. Do an internet search for available scholarship essay contests, and check eligibility. Making an Excel sheet with all the details is a good idea. Include addresses and contacts, URL, type of topics, Amounts awarded, etc. Shortlist the contests that are most attractive for you. How many are you going to participate in? Sort the list on priority basis starting from the most interesting one. Take the decision considering the time you are going to set apart for one essay.
  2. Most of the time topics are given in order to maintain the uniformity of assessment criteria. Do your research on the topic. Get all the assistance and advices from every available source. Your teachers, parents, siblings and friends are all prospective sources.
  3. Read and re-read instructions and follow the instructions to the letter. Write the best possible essay you can. Before submitting it, get that corrected by your teacher. Some scholarship awarding organizations have appointed coordinators to help participants in writing the essay. Contact them to get advice and get your essay corrected by them.
  4. Submit your essay by or before the deadline, and avoid last minute rush to print and submit. You may miss out on compliance with some rules in the rush.

Remember that you are trying to win a large amount of money, maybe enough to take you through one year of college. So why not get professional help. There are very good essay writing services. Try a good essay writing company and get their help to write the winning essay and win a noteworthy scholarship essay contest.

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