Nursing Essay Requires Application of Theory to Practice

Nursing Essays can be Assigned on a Wide Variety of Topics

To be a nurse is a profession which is challenging yet rewarding. Challenging because it involves lives and rewarding because of what they do. Nurses have to be people who are dedicated to their jobs. Selflessness is one very important element of becoming a nurse. When studying to become a nurse, students will encounter various types of writing assignments. One of these is the writing of the nursing essay.

Learning Nursing

Nursing involves many concepts. It requires students to be knowledgeable with primitive medicines, new methods of medication and taking care of and dealing with the needs of patients. The needs of patients do not end with dealing with their sickness, but will encompass their psychological needs as well as physical needs. Nursing requires students to learn how to deal with patients who are terminally ill, and how to care for patients in the absence of doctors. They also need to be able to relate the patient conditions accurately to doctors and interpret them properly. Nurses should also be able to follow instructions on therapy and application of medications precisely as per doctor’s prescriptions.

Topics for the Essay

There are different topics you can use to write a nursing essay. The first aspect is to observe and diagnose a patient’s illness, write down the symptoms and how you would go about caring for that person. Another way to show the knowledge you have gained is to write about therapy applications such as physical therapy and vaccinations along with artificial respiration and blood transfusion etc. In order to write a good essay on any of these topics students should have a good knowledge of the subject.
Topics for nursing essays, similar to any other essay, from classification essay to reflective essay, could be assigned to students. For example, they could be asked to write on the needs of a patient with HIV. The needs could be physical or psychological. This will require students to be knowledgeable about all aspects of the illness and how the situation is handled. Dealing with patients with HIV or AIDS is a very sensitive issue. Therefore, the subject should be studied and understood properly.

Writing the Essay

When writing this essay, students can use the same essay formats which were used to write a controversial essay or an analytical essay. These essays should be backed by good research in to various theories which support practical administrations and applications. Come up with a good thesis statement which will interest the reader and explain your thesis statement through sound research. All sources used should be cited in the proper manner.

The format for the essay will be specified by the professors. Therefore, students should ensure that they know which format to use before writing the essay. The standard formats which you need to be thorough with are the APA, MLA and Harvard. Having a basic idea of the formatting requirements will enable you to write a good essay.

The same amount of dedication you might put into the care of a patient should be given to writing nursing essays. After all, your chances of graduating from nursing school are greatly affected by how well you complete your coursework assignments. Apply these writing tips and your work is bound to be greatly enhanced.

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