Key Elements to be Considered in Argumentative Essays

Argumentative Essays need to present a Strong Argument

Argumentative essays are meant to be used as a tool for debating, establishing a hypothesis or even for an opinionated discussion. Therefore these types of essays depend on highlighting pros and cons of a subject matter, cause of effect and consequences; impact and the affected etc. The essay therefore will provide extensive knowledge of a specific topic but through a biased and one sided argument. The essays may argue on general matters or about specified events. It can also be on social or political events which are in the current lime light.

Therefore preparing an argumentative essay is not an easy task as it involves wide range of information. The argument should be flawless, strong and well supported. Further there should be a brief outline of the opposing argument and the key points being used to support it. By rebutting this argument, the essay writer can establish the superiority of his or her own argument. Argumentative essays should be fully supported by reliable and authentic evidence drawn from extensive researching of primary and secondary sources.

The following would be the key factors that need to be considered when writing an argumentative essay;

Selection of an Interesting Topic to Argue

This id the most crucial element in an argumentative essay since it will be the focal point of the entire writing. It is also the attention getter for the essay. Argumentative essay topics should have controversy in them and two sides to the story. Otherwise the essay can not argue on one perspective on the subject while facing opposition.

Search for Relevant Information

The more the availability of information to support the argument, the better credibility the essay will carry. Therefore the students must obtain information from various sources in order to present proper justifications and reasons. This can be done through the help of research reports, books, expert opinions, articles, magazines and through various internet sources. In case of an argumentative thesis paper, primary data too can be gathered from various field sources to support the argument being made.

Elaborate the arguments through current examples

If the arguments are presented with real condition examples i.e. with current events it would be more realistic. By doing so, the reader would be easily convinced regarding the arguments, which would enhance the reality of the argument essay.

By incorporating the above mentioned factors, this essay can be dealt with ease. Writing an argumentative essay is quite interesting as the essay writer can extend his or her opinion on the subject passionately. By referring to few well written essay examples you can improve your writing skills further. Remember, a good essay depends on a proper topic, meaningful arguments and valid evidence for its success.

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