We are a group of teachers having expertise in different domains for teaching students of all age groups. We provide classroom courses and online virtual classes with a well-researched and proven teaching methodology based on years of proven experience and experiments in the field.

We hire only those teachers who match with the ethics of the teaching world and we ensure that students are taught in a way such that they can solve problems at their own and they may not get stuck to traditional methods of solving text-book questions.

We try not just to help students get the result of a specific problem but to develop in them a passion to relate each problem with the fundamental theorem of learning by questioning.

The Teachers working with us are the ones who have years of experience, a passion to teach and a sense of belonging with students. Our Teaching Methodology makes you a learner and achiever.

We have scientifically created categories for students of different age groups and each course is designed accordingly keeping their intelligentsia level and competency in mind.

We also provide help to homework and assignments to students all over the world in all subjects specified in services section with a view to help students solve problems methodically and reach their goals. So, If you ask: Can I pay someone to do my math homework for me? Yes, our teachers help you.

The sole aim here is to add values to the very concept called teaching. We dream of making a society where the goal of each teacher is not merely to solve a specific text-book problem but to work on the roots and satisfy the inquisitive brain of students. We encourage the power of questioning among students and ensure that each student develops a passion towards getting the concept and not merely the solution. We wish each student to be independent of teachers for solving any kind of problem.

Online Tutorials:

We provide complete tutorial to students at School as well as University level for a wide range of topics as mentioned in Home Page.Students need to enroll themselves with us and depending upon their age-group, they shall be allocated expert teachers to coach them with entire syllabus and take them ahead of the rest of his classmates.This tutorial is for all students who are either pursuing their courses somewhere or are preparing for some competitive exams.

Assignment Help:

We provide step by step solution to any assignments in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Computer Programming languages such as C, C++, Perl, PHP, JAVA, DOT NET,  DATABASES etc, Topics for Extended Essays and Higher English and all Puzzles, IQ Tests for Psychometric etc. These tests are meant just to help students know the procedures of Solving questions exactly as per the prescribed standards of the respective Institutions.

Online Test Preparation

We also help students prepare for all kinds of Competitive Exams such as TOEFL, SAT, Engineering & Management Entrance Exams.Beginners can enroll for a complete package of their respective courses and those who claim to have sufficient knowledge and want to assess themselves can take online tests which help students evaluate themselves with all USA Ranks.