Question #1 How do I know if my child needs tutoring?

There are several situations in which tutoring can be very helpful. First of all, if you find your child saying, “I hate math,’ tutoring may be right for your family. Often, when a child dislikes a subject, it’s because he or she doesn’t fully understand the material. One-on-one tutoring efficiently cuts through a student’s confusion, which improves confidence, self-esteem, and grades.
Preparing for a standardized test is another situation in which tutoring makes a lot of sense. Studying and practicing for these tests can significantly improve a student’s score. Being prepared and learning specific-test taking strategies is also one of the most effective ways to reduce test-taking anxiety. Students who are disciplined enough to study on their own can benefit from having expert help and guidance when getting ready for standardized tests. Tutoring helps these students tackle the most difficult parts of the test and use their time more efficiently.
Finally, many families choose tutoring for gifted students who may not be properly challenged in school and who are hungry for intellectual stimulation.

Question #2 Why begin the process of finding a tutor now?

Math ability is cumulative. Future performance in Math depends upon the mastery of today’s concepts. Don’t put off getting help.

Question #3 What Makes Our Tutoring Special?

We provide quality tutoring and our mission is to create life-long learners. We hope this passion will stay with each student as they grow and develop. The ability to learn new concepts is extremely important in our society. Even as adults we change college majors and jobs to meet new challenges. We believe that a passion for learning coupled with dedication, skill and hard work on our part, will help each student to reach their full potential. We believe that quality education starts with the heart and our love of teaching.

Our tutors use imagination to make learning fun and each lesson memorable. We give the student individualized attention with a tailored plan that fits his or her needs. We aim to treat each student as if they were our only student. We engage the student by demonstrating genuine interest.

Question #4 What age groups do you provide tutoring for?

We tutor elementary, middle school, and high school age students.

Question #5 What levels of math do you tutor?

  1. Elementary School Math
  2. Middle School Math
  3. Algebra
  4. Geometry
  5. Math A Regents Prep
  6. Math B Regents Prep
  7. Integrated Algebra Regents Prep
  8. Integrated Geometry Regents Prep
  9. Algebra 2 and Trigonometry Regents Prep
  10. Trigonometry
  11. Pre-Calculus
  12. Calculus
  13. Statistics
  14. Standardized Test Prep Math
  15. Study Materials

Question #6 Where does the tutoring take place?

We recommend that the student comes to our Great Neck Office located at 175 Great Neck Road Suite 306 Great Neck, NY 11021 or our NEW Roslyn office!! However, we will accommodate the request to meet at a local library.

Question #7 How much tutoring do you need?

Initially, it may take more than one tutoring session per week to get a student up to speed. Although cramming before a big test can be of some help, it is a much more effective strategy to keep up with the material well in advance of any tests. Our goal with the weekly sessions is to get the student ahead of the class so that when the teacher covers the material, it is more like a review. Therefore, the student is absorbing the material during class time and is able to ask important questions during the teacher’s lecture rather than having to go home and waste valuable time trying to figure out the material before starting any homework assignments. We find that by keeping the students ahead of the class, there is often improvement by at least one letter grade.

Question #8 How do I get started?

You can contact us at 1.800.965.2040 or 516.224.7572. Our Director will set up a consultation. This is an informal meeting with you and your child. Please have all relevant schoolwork, progress reports, report cards, and test results available for this meeting. In addition, please fill out our information form and email it back before the consultation.