Essay Writing Contest – The Perfect Way to Test your Writing Skills

Take Part in an Essay Writing Contest and Showcase Your Talents to the World

An excellent way to test your writing prowess and creativity is to enter an essay writing contest. Contests such as these have many more benefits than winning excellent prizes. They provide students with the ability to perfect their writing skills, and be recognized for the talents they possess. They can also become independent and conduct research and plan their work on their own as this is not a supervised task. This in itself makes students more aware of their surroundings, as topics such as unemployment, poverty; global warming and terrorism are some of the topics they will write on. With the wide publicity received by essay competitions such as world bank essay competition or the UNESCO essay competition, via the internet, many can now take part from any corner of the world.

Motivational Factors

One of the motivational factors of these essay writing contests is the fact that the winners will receive cash prizes and scholarships to colleges. This is an important element as many students lack the financial backing necessary to further their education. Students taking part internationally will be able to go to a different country and learn the different cultures which will vary greatly from theirs. It is overall, a good experience for the winners providing them with exposure and opportunities.

Rules and Regulations

Every essay writing contest has its own special set of rules and regulations. It is recommended that students understand these rules before embarking on the journey they are about to take on. They need to be sure about the age limits, submission dates, word limits and formatting requirements, among others before they enter the contest. It is better for you to read through the instructions thoroughly and decide whether you can comply with the requirements. If you are good with persuasive essay writing, look for a contest which requires this skill. Some contests are for legal essay writing while others are for literature writing. Yet others are to be written on societal issues with an argumentative stance. It will be pointless entering a contest only to find you do not possess the skills or writing style to write a winning essay.

Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism is one aspect of writing which will be greatly frowned upon. As you would already know, plagiarism is a crime. If you take part in an essay contest and if you are found plagiarising the essays, you will be disqualified instantly. It is better not to take part than being accused of such a crime. Therefore, avoid plagiarism at all cost and write your essay with 100% originality. If you must use details from other sources, regardless of what English essay topics you write on, remember to cite them in the format specified.

Evaluating the Essays

Evaluation criteria for all essay writing contests will be quite similar. The essays will be judged for original and unique content; proper citations, clear understanding of the topics and proper structure and format etc. You should ensure that all the criteria are apparent in the essay you write. For this reason, make sure that you have a proper understanding of all these criteria before beginning to write the essay.

If any student finds it difficult to write their essays they are advised to obtain help from a good writing company which will help them write any essay from argumentative essay to reflective essay. Professional essay writers can guide you and provide custom written essays to demonstrate how you should write your own essay to be submitted an essay contest.

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