Essay Contests for High School Students – An Opportunity for Further Education

Showcase your Best Talents when Taking Part in an Essay Contest for High School Students

High school students who are skilled in writing essays can now take part in essay contests. Essay contests for high school students provide them with prize money which can be useful in furthering your studies. This is an ideal situation as many lack the funds to have a proper college education. The main aim of these essay contests is for students to have better opportunities and to be able to have financial aid with their college tuition.

Types of Contests Available for High School Students

There are many essay contests which are available for high school students. To find out, they can go online as a wide array of contests are now publicised though this mode. Some of these contests include, Colorado League of Charter School Contest, the NSU Louisiana High School Essay Contest, AFSA National High School Essay Contest just to name a few. By taking part in any of the essay contests students are allowed to showcase their writing capabilities, work according to specific rules and regulations, and become independent.

Eligibility Criteria

When taking part in an essay contest for high school students there are rules and regulations which need to be adhered to. Any student found in error of these rules will be disqualified from the contest. Therefore, it is important that you read the rules before submitting your application and adhere to deadline requirements. Below are a few rules which are common to most high school essay contests.

  • Essay contests for high school studentsare only open to high school students. Any student, who thinks otherwise, is gravely mistaken. Every student should be between the ages of 15 and 19 and any found exceeding the age limit will be instantly disqualified.
  • All essay contests are written on prompts provided. Some contests provide one particular topic while others avail students with a choice of selecting from two or three topics.
  • Same format as scholarship essay formatcan be adhered when taking part in essay contests. It is recommended that if format is not specified, that you verify it from the relevant authorities.
  • The amount of essays which can be submitted by one student will vary according to each essay contest.

Judgement Criteria

Essays are judged on content, originality, and how the topic is conveyed to the reader. Proper grammar usage, punctuation, spelling, consistency and adhering to proper citations are also looked into. Therefore, it is vital that students practise writing their essays long before the actual submission dates. If further help is required students can obtain sample essays written for scholarships and essay contests which are available online.

Many students find the writing of an essay for an essay contest for high school students or even a GED essay or any other type of essay a task which they are incapable of doing. This is not due to lack of skill but due to lack of time. These students will be benefited by obtaining help from a good writing service which will assist them through the writing process.

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