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Reading Nora Ephron Essays is an Enjoyable Experience

Student reading Nora Ephron Essays will appreciate her mastery in essay writing, although she is better known as a screen writer. Coming from a family of screen writers, her parents and two of her sisters are also successful screen writers. She was nominated three times for Academy award for Writing Original Screenplay. Screen plays of Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally…, and Silkwood are among the best of her many screen plays. Her multi faceted career includes positions as film director, producer, screenwriter, novelist, journalist, author, and blogger. This goes to demonstrate her versatility and creativity in performing diverse roles in different fields related to film and writing.

Nora as a Journalist, Author and a Blogger

Nora Ephron is a prolific writer, who has written more than 15 screenplays and numerous articles for prestigious publications like New York Post, Esquire and Cosmopolitan. Most of her essays are persuasion essays. Four collections of Nora Ephron Essays have been published and students who are interested in studying more on her essays can enjoy them:
• Wallflower at the Orgy – 1970
• I Crazy Salad -1975
• The Boston Photographs – 1975
• Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman – 2006

In addition to her screen plays, the essays and the articles, she has also authored the novel Heartburn. The Play, Imaginary Friends is another notch in her creative literature achievements. She is a well followed blogger and regularly blogs for Huffington Post.

Famous Essays by Nora Ephron

The students, who don’t have time to read her fiction and non fiction feature books, can enjoy her essays that are witty and satirical. A serious student can read the Nora Ephron Essays written from late Nineteen Sixties to date to see the evolution of her thinking, writing and personality as well as the changes in society as a whole. Essay on the controversial publishing of pictures of a failed rescue attempt is one of her famous argumentative essays. In her essays she is straight forward to write her opinions without any fear of criticism. At the same time she brings in a unique writing style which is witty and satirical. But with age, you can see the maturity in her writing which adds a bit of restraint in her criticisms and tone down her cynicism targeted at society. This is especially evident when you review recent screenplays of films such as
‘Sleepless in Seattle,’ ‘When Harry Met Sally…,’ ‘Heartburn’ and ‘You’ve Got Mail’.

Typical Nora Ephron Essay Topics

Nora Ephron Essays are written on a wide range of topics like feminism, women’s liberation, marriage, sex, cosmetics, cookery, fitness and anything or anybody she thought as suitable topic for her to write. Whatever she wrote she maintains her direct approach and the wittiness, even for very serious topics. Later in her career she shifted to screenwriting where her humour and wit found its most well deserved place. Her talent in writing about anything is shown in her recent expository essay “The girl who fixed the umlaut”

Writing on Nora Ephron Essays

Most of the Nora Ephron Essays were written in early career and she has written mainly on current issues. If students are required to write about these essays they will find it difficult to get the real meanings of the explanations and arguments as they are sometimes a lot older than the students. In such situations, it is best that students seek help on writing about the Nora Ephron Essays. They can always get essay help from a good essay writing service that excels at literacy essay writing and receive a wealth of guidance and advice on writing an exceptional essay.

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