Early Preparation is Vital to Score Well for the GMAT Essay

GMAT Essays have to be written with a Deep Level of Analysis

Getting in to business school is only as hard as you make it. You may have all the test scores necessary for a good MBA program, but when it comes to writing the GMAT essay, you may find it challenging. GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test and is a requirement for many business school programs. This essay does not call on your theoretical knowledge of business, economics and marketing studies but aims to test your overall academic aptitude to the concept of business. This is your chance to show off your business acumen so make the best out of this opportunity to showcase your talents.

Understanding the GMAT

This test has three sections. The first one is the analytical writing section which comprises of two essays. The second is a quantitative section with multiple choice questions and the third is a verbal section. The essay will ask you to provide an analysis of an issue and an analysis of an argument.

Analysis of an Issue

This section of the GMAT essay will test your ability to analyse an issue and state your point of view and present your recommendations. You will write this section with the experience you have gained by writing a persuasive essay. The essay is approximately 300 to 600 words in length and is fairly easy to write. You will have to ensure that the essay is typed as no hand written essays are eligible. If your response to the given essay question is expressed well, you stand to gain a good GMAT score.

Analysis of an Argument

This section of the essay will test the student’s critical and analytical skills. The main aim of this type of writing is to criticize the argument and without presenting any personal opinions on the subject. This is similar to writing an argumentative essay. This essay too should be written within a word limit of approximately 300 to 600 words.

Preparation for the Essay

Preparing for the GMAT essays should be done early. The earlier the test is taken the fresher you will be with the curriculum. The scores received for the GMATs remains active for five years. If you wish to take the test again you need to demonstrate new work experience to do so. Therefore, if you have taken the exam earlier, you have time to work and hone your business knowledge before sitting for the exam again.

Writing essays during a time frame can be difficult for many students. The best solution to this is to practice writing the essays under timed conditions. Instead of practicing on standard English essay topics, you can download the complete pool of official issue topics of the GMAT exams to practice on. Take about five minutes to brainstorm and take down notes and begin writing the essay. This method of practice will ensure that you are not left without ideas when actually taking the exam.

Next time you face GMAT essay, make sure to write it with a deep level of critical analysis and infuse practical recommendations in to your writing.

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