Considering Your Options in Writing an Our Day Out Essay

Our Day Out Essays Allow You To Address the Bleak Life of the Underprivileged

There are many plays which students will have to read when doing literature or English coursework. Once read, they will have to write essays based on their knowledge of these plays. This is an excellent method for the teachers to assess how much of the text read, is understood by the students. The “Our day out” essay is one such writing assignment.

Our day out is a play written by Willy Russell for television. It is about deprived children who go on a trip to Conway Castle in North Wales but also end up going to the zoo, beach and a fair. The outing brings about the knowledge to these children on how bleak their lives are and how hopeless their futures will be. The main idea behind the story is that a day out is all these children can expect from their lives. The play was broadcasted on BBC in December 1976 and re-broadcasted six weeks later on popular demand.

What to Write on

In order to write a good “our day out” essay you will first and foremost have to read and understand the characters, plot and theme of the play. With this knowledge you will be able to write with a depth of understanding of the central message which the playwright intended to convey. Let us examine the ways in which you will be able to write this essay.

Analysing and Understanding the Characters

This is one way of writing the essay. You will be able to select a character, and analyze him or her and write on your opinion of the character. There are many characters in the play to choose from and your essay can either compare one or two characters or be focused solely on one character.

Comparing Teachers of Now to Teachers of Then

The same method you would use to writing a comparative essay, can be use to write “Our day out” essays as well. This will be if you would compare one of your present day teachers to either Mrs. Kay, her helpers Susan and Colin or Mr Briggs. You can add a little bit of light-heartedness to your essay by writing the essay in this manner.

Themes of the Play

Social status and wealth and education are some of the themes and messages addressed in this play. The importance of these three elements to society and how it affects each and every character in the play can be critically evaluated in literacy essay writing style. You can also delve on how the characters interpret life as depicted in the play.

Essays of this nature can be written effectively only if you were to write them with a genuine understanding of the play. Once you have understood the message behind the play and underlying issues being subtly addressed or boldly discussed, you can begin writing it. Begin with a good essay starter which will catch the reader’s attention. Work your way through the rest of the essay from there. However, ensure that the attention which was given at the beginning of the essay will remain on the entire essay. For this, you will have to write in the most eloquent and informative manner possible.

If you have any difficulties writing this essay many writing companies provide students with examples of essays varying from admission essay example to “our day out” essays examples. With these examples you will be able to have a better understanding of how you should write this essay.

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