Blood Brothers Essay: Acquire an In Depth Understanding of the Musical

Writing a Blood Brothers Essays is Not a Simple Task to be Attempted Last Minute

Students doing literature or English coursework will have to write many essays. These essays will improve the students’ knowledge of research and writing. Often students will have to read a certain text and write their essays on questions or prompts provided based on these texts. One such assignment is the writing of the Blood Brothers essay.

About the Musical

The Blood Brothers is a musical which opened in the Lyric Theatre in 1983. Written by Willy Russell it is the longest running musical in the London theatre. The story is about two brothers who are separated at birth. Mickey and Edward were born to Mrs Johnstone who is unable to look after them as she is financially unstable. She agrees to give up one of her babies for adoption to Mrs Lyons. The story is centred on how the twins meet and fall in love with the same girl, Linda. The story ends tragically but calls for interesting reading. The author uses great dramatic irony in his musical to make this point.

Writing the Essay

In order to write excellent Blood Brothers essays, students need to be familiar with the story. This requires you to read the play and understand each character, plot and theme in the musical. Having an understanding of the play will allow you to write a good essay. Students will have to have an in depth understanding of the stage designs, dialogue and other concepts of the play or musical as well. These essays can be written as critical essays or comparison essays, analysis essays etc.

It will be impossible to write a good essay on the entire play, therefore, students should select a certain element from the play to write their essays on. They can select a character, theme or a certain dialogue in the play which makes a significant impact to the readers. When selecting characters to write about they will range from Mrs Johnstone, Mickey, Linda, Edward, to many other characters. There are many elements about these characters which can be analyzed by the students. However, it is recommended that students select one of the main characters to write their essays on as this will make analyzing easier.

Topics for the Essay

Most often topics for the essay may be provided. If you have the choice of selecting topics this should be done carefully. Topics need to be interesting and informative. Topics can include the success of the stage production of Blood Brothers, the deaths of the two brothers and how the superstition came to be etc. Whichever topics selected you need to ensure that thorough research is carried out.

Structure of the Essay

The structure of the Blood Brothers essay is similar to the structure of the scholarship application essay. It will include an introduction where the students will provide a brief background description about the topic select and introduce the thesis statement. The body paragraphs will develop the thesis with proper evidence gathered through research. The conclusion will summarize the entire essay.

The same amount of effort and dedication you would use to write a child abuse essay or any other essay should go into writing Blood Brothers essays. With the proper application and attention to detail you will be able to write a good essay.

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