Adhering to Essay Contest Rules

Essay Contest Rules Needs to be strictly Followed by all the Contestants

Taking part in an essay competition is rewarding in terms of the cash prices as well as the recognition received for the participant’s essay writing skills. There are essay contests for high school students as well as essay contests for college students. Winners of these contests receive scholarships for further studies or cash prizes. Participants of any essay contest needs to follow the Essay Contest Rules. These contests are conducted by various organizations and the rules applicable differ from contest to contest. Usually non-compliance with the rules results in disqualification.

Eligibility Criteria for the Essay Contests

The main essay contest rules are the eligibility criteria. Essay contests conducted in USA normally apply US citizenship as an eligibility rule. Some contests specify an age limit for the participation in the contest. Residency criterion also may be an eligibility criterion on some essay contests. The contest conducting organization can state that the students shall be residents of a particular state or some specified states. Some contest may be limited for the residents of a particular city, especially if the contest is organized by the municipal council or a regional club. Membership is often an eligibility criterion when certain clubs like Optimistic club, Youth Club, Lions Club, Rotary Club, Law Association etc. conduct these competitions.

Other Rules for the Contests

The contests also have some exclusion rules such as the disqualification of family members of the employees of the conducting organization. Plagiarism is another important disqualification rule. Normally students can forward only one entry for the essay contest. There are some essay contests open only for female contestants. Contest rules also pertain to the writing of the essay. The most important rules are the adherence to topic area, the word limit and formatting requirements. The word limits generally range from 250 to 1,000 words. Some times higher word limits like 1200 or 1500 are placed in a few essay contests.

Thousands of Scholarships are Awarded Annually by Essay Contests

In USA thousands of scholarships are awarded to the winners of Essay contests. Value of these scholarships varies from a few hundred Dollars to about 25,000 Dollars. Here are some of the essay contests held annually. Students who plan to enter these contests shall check for the essay contest rules.

  • Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Essay Contest
    • “My Turn” Essay Competition
    • Essay Contest
    • Life Lessons Essay Contest
    • Society of Professional Journalists, High School Essay Contest
    • Computer Professionals for Social responsibility Essay Contest
    • League of Minnesota Human Rights Commissions Essay Contest
    • Ayn Rand Fountainhead Essay Contest
    • Ayn Rand Anthem Essay Contest
    • Optimist Essay Contest
    • Ayn Rand We the Living Essay Contest
    • Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest
    • Ayn Rand Former Participants Essay Contest

Plan Well to Win that Essay Contest and Get the Scholarship

If any student is hoping to win a scholarship to fund his/her college education by winning an essay contest, that is a commendable effort. But this requires good planning which should be done well ahead of the contest. This is possible because most of the Essay contests are held annually. Find the best suited essay contests because some scholarships place restrictions on the courses or the colleges the students should join. You can participate in as many contests as possible to increase the chances of winning a scholarship. The essay contest rules must be thoroughly studied before starting to write your essay.

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