Dear Parents and Students,

Michael Donsky is the proud director of our tutoring service. She has wanted to be a math teaching professional since the time she was a small child. Her aspiration for teaching appeared at a very young age when she was only seven years old. At that time, she decided she would become a teacher.

While attending Bryant High School in Queens, New York, she discovered that she excelled in mathematics. After graduating high school with honors, she wanted to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher. Despite the financial challenges Michael faced as a student she found a way to graduate college.

Despite the obvious odds against her Michael persevered and enrolled in the City University of New York Baruch College as an evening student. She was able to obtain a job as an accounting clerk during the day because of her excellent math skills. She was a young woman attending class at night with mostly middle-aged men. Michael’s favorite subject in class was math.

While taking “mathematics of finance” an incident occurred that Michael will always remember. She enrolled in this class was running a 95 average. Unfortunately for Michael many of the students in the class were taking this class for the third time and this course was required to graduate.

One evening the professor held Michael’s test results up in front of the class and declared Michael’s grade point average. At this point the student next to Michael tapped her on the shoulder and said the following: “Michael, if you get another 95 I am going to throw you out the window!!” After that the professor stopped announcing Michael’s grades.

Michael obtained a B.B.A. from the City University of New York Baruch College and a masters degree in education from the City University of New York Hunter College. She has taught mathematics with the same passion and love of learning that she developed in childhood.

Michael is an award winning licensed teacher and a published author. She also taught computers to children in the New York City school system. Michael has twenty-five (25) years of teaching experience. She sponsored students who came in first place in the New York City public school system contest for nine (9) consecutive years. Her students had to compete with over one million (1,000,000) students attending the New York City public school system.

Michael believes her gift is the ability to inspire students. Her love for learning is contagious and improves the lives of children. Students excel through the use of assessment techniques and she has developed over years and her unique ability to inspire, stimulate, and connect with each and every child. She believes that success builds upon itself. Based on the student’s ongoing assessment, she tailors an individualized approach. Progress reports and constant feedback are utilized to motivate the student along with other motivational tools.