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Read Few Sample SAT Essays for a Better Understanding of Short Essay Writing

Writing essays for exams such as SAT or GED needs practice. One can sharpen their essay writing for such purposes by referring to samples such as sample SAT essay or a GED essay. These are written in 3-5 paragraph essay format similar to a scholarship essay format.

Following is a sample SAT essay which you can derive some ideas from for your own essay writing.

Does Living in Country fulfill a Better Life Style than City Living?

People enjoy different life styles and these can be fulfilled by living in different locations. There is strong correlation between people and their objectives to be fulfilled, in cities. As life is challenging people in the cities work efficiently in a hurry which results in the hectic lifestyle of the city dwellers. In contrast, the country people lead simple lives, equipped with family and life values significantly. They enjoy the simple but consequential life. Tranquility is experienced and people will be integrated together. So, it is worth exploring whether it is country or city life that fulfils a better life style.

In the city, the individuals lead fast phased lives and are crazed over convenience. Amenities are at close proximity in cities so people are blessed with all the worldly goods of life. In contrast country dwellings will lack these greatly. The will have to commute because they cannot find these at the reasonable proximity.

Environment is a most important feature which contributes to a fulfilling life. It is not only the natural environment but the social environment that needs to be considered. But sadly the both natural and social environments of the cosmopolitans are polluted. Cities suffer from this tragedy greatly in comparison to the country side. Environment is grimy because cities are densely populated; toxic air is released from vehicles and factories. Further more social implications of urban life style lends to single parent families, broken families, abused childhoods and neglected adolescents In contrast the country dweller are born and bred with nature and close family ties. Fresh cool breeze which is constantly released by the trees purify the not only the environment but also the minds of the people. People are simple at heart and the quality of life they pursue does not promote competitive and backstabbing characters common in the city.

Easting habits of the city and the country too differ widely. Instead of a calm, simple and nutritious meal, people in the city would opt for a quick fix frozen meal microwaved or fast food with fizzy drinks. This has brought in many complications such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes and many more. In contrast harvest fruits, vegetables and home made food will be consumed by the populace in the country side.

When comparing, contrasting city life and country life, we have many variables to argue on. Both are totally different concepts. A person who has experienced both options will be the ones to make a better judgment. Nevertheless an individual’s perception, attitude, like and dislikes would influence their selection, so this is totally biased. I would consider city life to be more thrilling and with better facilities so it’s better than country life. The cities are modified and have pre-eminent infrastructures, amenities; therefore it will be convenient to achieve my goals without mayhems. While serenity of country life and its fresh air is truly refreshing, life can not afford to simply relax and while away in such serendipity. As individuals, majority of us have life goals and inspirations to progress in life and career. Opportunities and prospects for these lies in urban areas. Hence city life is with its hectic life style is an invariable price one has to pay for achieving such life goals. But for a change of phase and to relieve stress I would definitely take my holidays away from the hustle and bustle of city to the peaceful rustic country planes.

Reading through this sample SAT essay may have given you some insights on how to write short essays of this nature.

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