A “Right” Admission Essay Topic Allows You to Talk About Your Talents

Admission Essay Topics should be selected After Considerable Deliberation

The hardest task about getting into any graduate or undergraduate program is the writing of the admission essay. However, as it is almost a compulsory requirement in all admission applications, there is no avoiding of the task. Therefore, students have to do their level best to write a good admission essay and hope that it surpasses the Admission Board’s expectations. One of the elements which need to be considered when writing the essay is the admission essay topic.

The Importance of the Topic

The topic is crucial when writing the admission essay. Actually, the topic is crucial to any essay be it an essay on truth is courage, a descriptive essay or a science essay. Selecting the right topic can be a daunting task. As the topic is what the entire essay is based on, if your topic is boring and insignificant the outcome will be a poor essay. Such an essay is doubtful to impress the Admission Board and make them decide in favour of you. Therefore, it is vital you select the right topic for the admission essay. How do you know which one is the right topic?

Elements of the “Right” Topic

Admission essays are usually written on essay questions or essay prompts provided in the application. Your task is to select the best admission essay topics and write an insightful and touching essay. However, selecting a topic is easier said than done. The topic you select reflects on you as a person. Therefore, select a topic which allows you to elaborate and write in a manner which provides the readers with useful insights in to your character. The topic should also be familiar to the writer. It will serve no purpose if the topic is impressive but you have no idea what to write in it. Go with a topic which makes you feel comfortable. This will relax you enough to write a good essay on it. Of course, there are the usual interesting, specific and manageable aspects of topic selection too. If all these traits are visible in your topic you will be able to submit an essay which gains the interest of the readers.

Some Topics for the Essay

Admission essay topics are not all that difficult to come by. It is recommended that you practise on as many topics as possible before writing your admission essay. Therefore, some topics are provided below for your convenience.

  • Describe an incident or a person who has made a significant impact on you.
  • What are your plans for the next five years?
  • How would your friends describe you and why?
  • Educate us on your philosophy on life.
  • What in your opinion has been the most important social or political movement in the 20th century?
  • How would you describe your relationship with your parents?
  • What legislature do you think needs revising and why?

Once a good admission essay topic is selected, you can settle down to the next phase of the writing which is to draft out the essay. Admission essays are not written as per any particular format in general. No citations are applicable and no cover pages or reference sheets are attached. Therefore write with a simple structure and be happy that you are not saddle with the added issues of clarifying intricate aspects of formatting styles such as APA style essay or an MLA essay.

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