5 Paragraph Essay Outline Trains Students in Essay Structuring

You Can Modify and Adopt a 5 Paragraph Essay Outline Even for an Extended Essay

The 5 paragraph essay is one of the rudimentary essays that are assigned to train students on achieving a cohesive structure in essay writing. Students who are in middle school will be educated on this essay format once they master the 3 paragraph essay. The skill of structuring an essay properly is important for any type of essay and therefore, this lays the foundation for enhancing student’s capabilities in this area. When writing the 5 paragraph essay, students should use a 5 paragraph essay outline. If you learn to draft an appropriate outline for a simple 5 paragraph essay, applying it to more extended versions of essay writing can be much simpler than you perceive.

Introductory Section

As with any type of essay this essay too should include an introduction. Your introduction is where the reader will learn exactly what the paper is about. Be it on a middle school essay topic, or a highly intellectual PhD thesis topic, your introduction need to explain what you will be discussing in the body of the essay. This is where your thesis statement will be included. This will be one or two concise sentences through which will sum up your main point or argument that you wish to present. The introductory section also helps grab the reader’s attention to the next section of the essay. Your 5 paragraph essay outline introduction will be as follows;

  • Introductory statement,
    • Supporting ideas of which you may have three or four
    • Thesis statement.

Body Section

Three paragraphs of the body section will be used to explain each supporting idea stated in the introduction in detail. You will state your strongest point first and work your way down to the least significant point. Each paragraph should have proper transition and should not begin suddenly. This means you should end the first paragraph by providing a glimpse into the second one etc. 5 paragraph essay outlines’ body section will be as follows;

  • First supporting idea with details and a closing sentence.
    • Second supporting idea with details and a closing sentence.
    • Third supporting idea with details and a closing sentence.

Concluding Section

The conclusion is the end of the essay, and likewise should indicate this to the reader. It should provide a summary of the three ideas mentioned in the body section and should refer to the thesis statement without repeating it verbatim. 5 paragraph essay outlines’ concluding section will be as follows;

  • Some general information on the topic.
    • Summary of each supporting idea.
    • Restate the thesis.

Regardless of whether you are writing on a reflective essay topic or a persuasive essay topic, you must always keep in mind that using of an essay outline is useful and should not be skipped in the writing process. If you master the use of an outline in essay writing, you can apply this to any type of essay be it 3 paragraphs, 5 paragraphs or a lengthy thesis or research essay.

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